DSAI Chat-GPT Hackathon

My First Hackathon Experience

What is the DSAI Hackathon

The DSAI hackathon is a hackathon that I participated in and that was held at UTS startups. This hackathon was planned over Friday and the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This hackathon had a requirement to use Chat-GPT in any way.

The Schedule

As heard, the hackathon took place over three days. The first day, Friday, was all about sorting out the teams and getting to know who you are. Saturday, was all about getting your idea and hacking away with your team and Sunday, was about presenting your idea and pitching it to the judges

My Team

My team consisted of just me and my dad, as we were the only team with two people in it. The team requirement was five people, but our team was an exception.

Our Idea

For our idea, we had a variety of topics to choose from but ended up going with the eCommerce market/platform. Our basic idea was to simplify product descriptions. We notice that they can be too wordy, don't catch the buyer's attention, and can be long to write, especially when time is running out to sell a product.

Our Solution

Our solution was to incorporate CChat-GPT to create descriptions for you! We did this by grabbing the product's base idea/descriptions from a form from the seller, and this form was split into four parts. The three parts were categories. The first is a category dropdown asking where your product belongs in multiple category choices that we got similar from Etsy's categories. The second form asks for the target audience for the product, e.g., men and women. The third form asks for the age group, e.g., 18–36, et cetera. There is also free-form text where you can type five keywords about the product to give further detail.

What Languages Did We Use

Our project was made using, Next-Js and React for frontend and backend, MongoDB to store requests and results, Azure OpenAI (chatgpt-35 model, as well as Google and Discord authentication.

Favourite Part

My favourite part was actually joining a hackathon and also having the ability to create a well-developed product in under 24 hours! The hackathon's purpose is to get people like us together and ask them to do the impossible in 48 hours.


If you see my pitch and other pitches you click on the links below: