Unity Series - Part 4: Main Menu

Unity Series - Part 4: Main Menu

Photo by AltumCode on Unsplash

Designing Main Menu

For designing the main menu, I want to have a nice scenic background with trees, rocks, etc. Also with 3 buttons, Play, Settings, and OutFits.

Creating The MainMenu - Setup

Heading into your Unity project, we can start by creating a new scene called MainMenu.

The first thing we want to do inside there is drag the player from the other scene into the main menu scene. This allows us to copy the player over without having to make any adjustments.

For the trees, you can use your own design, but I will be using the trees provided by the asset I have installed from the Unity store. It is called Tiny RPG Forest. I have also included some rocks and grass for some other design options.

As you can also see, I have included the three buttons that we discussed in the design. To do so, you can create a canvas by right-clicking and selecting Canvas. Inside that canvas, you can right-click and add a button. Do this three times, and put the buttons wherever you want.

I have also added the title of the game to the top right of the screen. This is optional, but I highly recommend it.


Although this blog was short, it sets us up for the next part. In the next one, we will be scripting each button to do what they are meant to do, eg. clicking play to send you to the first level, etc.